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Jeff Karson, Chief Scientist
Nicholas School bio >

Jeff Karson

Emily Klein
Jeff Gee
Kathy Gillis
Dick Hey
Steve Hurst

Dave Naar
University of South Florida bio >

Dave Naar

Bob Varga
College of Wooster bio >

Bob Varga

Jeff Karson, Scientist, Duke University
Emily Klein, Scientist, Duke University
Jeff Gee, Scientist, Scripps Institution Oceanography
Kathy Gillis, Scientist, University of Victoria, Canada
Nick Hayman, Scientist, Duke University
Dick Hey, Scientist, Univeristy of Hawaii
Dave Naar
, Scientist, University of South Florida
Bob Varga, Scientist, College of Wooster

Marshall Bowles, Graduate Student, Duke University
Kate Ciembronowicz, Graduate Student, University of South Florida
Brian Donahue, Technician, University of South Florida
Dana Gaydos, Graduate Student, University of South Florida
Kerri Heft, Graduate Student, University of Victoria, Canada
Lindsay Morgan, Student, Duke University
Meagen Pollock, Graduate Student, Duke University
Chris Popham, Graduate Student, Graduate School of Oceanography, Univ of RI

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