The Marine Lab campus includes historic classrooms ideally suited for the study of marine organisms and a new state-of-the-art teaching facility: the Marguerite Kent Repass Ocean Conservation Center. The Repass Center is Duke’s ‘greenest’ building, with geothermal wells for heating and cooling, solar panels for hot water, a green roof, and photovoltaic rooftop panels to convert sunlight into electricity.

Lab 1 is the original laboratory classroom of the Marine Laboratory, continuously in service since 1938. Lab 1 classrooms  (“East” and “West”) are equipped with running seawater tables and are used for Duke courses and serve as the principle assigned classroom space to visitors. With support from NSF, Lab 1 classrooms have been modernized with new seawater tables, microscopes, ergonomic chairs, energy efficient lighting, appliances, and more. Click here for additional information and photos of Lab 1.

The center of campus activity at noon is the Dining Hall, where faculty and students meet and mix during the lunch hour. Outdoor and indoor commons areas, with stunning views of the picturesque waterfront of Beaufort and the Rachel Carson Reserve, are favorite locales for coffee and doughnuts, receptions, and other formal and informal activities. A Student Center offers exercise equipment, billiards, and cable television. There are library and computer facilities within a one-minute stroll of any location on the Island; wireless computing is possible nearly everywhere. Street basketball, beach volleyball, croquet, canoeing, sunbathing and swimming are favorite diversions.

Click here for a map of the Duke Marine Lab campus

Marguerite Kent Repass Ocean Conservation Center

An Award-Winning ‘Green’ Marine Lab Building that benefits students and our environment.

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Marine Conservation Molecular Facility (MCMF)

A new shared-use molecular facility, housed on the second floor of the Bookhout Research Laboratory, provides students, faculty, and visiting scientists access to molecular tools for marine science and conservation.

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Orrin Pilkey Laboratory

A ‘green’ building that provides state-of-the-art laboratories for molecular research in marine science and conservation.

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Pearse Memorial Library

Pearse Memorial Library, a branch of the Perkins Library system, supports the teaching and research efforts of faculty, staff, and students of the Duke University Marine Laboratory.

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