Faculty At The Duke Marine Lab

Core Faculty

Associate Professor of Sustainability Science
(252) 504-7540
Professor of Marine Affairs and Policy
(252) 504-7628
Assistant Research Professor
(252) 504-7677
Assistant Professor of Marine Conservation
(252) 504-7649
Associate Professor of Microbial Ecology
(252) 504-7542
Arthur P. Kaupe Associate Professor of Molecular Biology in Marine Science
(252) 504-7543
Associate Professor of the Practice of Marine Conservation Ecology
(252) 504-7593
Associate Professor of Marine Policy
(252) 504-7683
Randolph K. Repass and Sally-Christine Rodgers University Professor of Conservation Technology in the Nicholas School of the Environment and the Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. School of Engineering
(252) 504-7566
Stephen A. Toth Professor of Marine Biology
(252) 504-7590
Norman L. Christensen Professor of Environmental Sciences
(252) 504-7634
Assistant Professor of the Practice and Director, Marine Conservation Molecular Facility
(619) 823-1514
Rachel Carson Professor of Marine Conservation Biology
(252) 504-7635
Harvey W. Smith Professor of Biological Oceanography
(252) 504-7655

Adjunct Faculty

emeritus faculty

Harvey W. Smith Professor Emeritus of Biological Oceanography in the Division of Earth and Ocean Sciences
(252) 504-7578
Professor Emeritus of Marine Science and Conservation
(252) 504-7613
Professor of the Practice Emeritus of Marine Ecology
(252) 504-7577
Professor of the Practice Emeritus of Marine Policy
(252) 504-7606