Financial Aid/Scholarships

Note for Duke Undergraduates: Duke Financial Aid applies at the Marine Lab. Talk to your Financial Aid Advisor for specific information. The Duke Financial Aid website has an area that will help answer many frequently asked questions -- Click here to visit the section of Duke's Financial Aid website that pertains to the Marine Lab. 

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Semester Aid

Summer Aid 

Scholarships in Marine Science for non-Duke students (Fall)  

The Duke University Marine Lab is pleased to offer scholarships for two non-Duke undergraduates covering tuition & fees, room & board, books, travel to Beaufort, and full support for participation in a Beaufort Signature Travel Course. Click the link above for complete program information including the application.

Residential Advisor Positions - Semester & Summer

Fall Application deadline: 23 July
Spring Application deadline: 2 November
Summer Term I & II Application deadline: 1 April 

For additional information, contact Park Watson (, 252-504-7531

The Duke Marine Lab is seeking two Residential Advisors (RAs) for each academic term (fall, spring, summer I, summer II). The two co-RAs will share duties equally and trade off on-call time. The RAs must be enrolled at the Duke Marine Lab and are expected to live on campus and be available at times when faculty and staff are not present, i.e., primarily nights and weekends. The role of the RA is that of an advisor to the undergraduate students in matters of student life and emergencies. The RAs will assist in planning and implementing co-curricular activities on campus. In addition the RAs will organize a Residential Council of students, and will serve on that Council. The co-RAs will each receive a 60% reduction on room and board as payment for their services.

All applicants will be considered equally for the co-RA positions. Please submit your application to Park Watson,

  • A statement summarizing your skills and qualifications for the position. Tell us why you think you’d be a good RA. If appropriate, specifically include examples of your experience planning events, coordinating volunteers, handling difficult or stressful situations, and serving in leadership roles.
  • Two non-academic letters of recommendation from persons who have personal knowledge of you (professionals not your peers). Letters should address your interpersonal skills, ability to deal with crises, creativity, etc.
  • Spring applicants: Please note what travel courses you plan to take in your statement.
  • Summer applicants: Please note whether you plan to be at the Marine Lab for Summer Term I, II or both terms.

Bookhout Summer Research Scholarships

(Summer Terms I & II)

Deadline: 22 March
Questions about the the Bookhout Research Scholarship should be directed to Gwendy Womble; 252-504-7502

The Bookhout Research Scholarship is offered for students interested in research related to the invertebrate zoology of marine animals. Support includes a full tuition scholarship to take research independent study during Summer Term I or Summer Term II. The only requirement for the research project is that it involves some aspect of the biology of invertebrate animals. The scholarship recipients will be assigned to a faculty sponsor based upon their stated interests or the recipients may request a specific faculty advisor.

*Students are eligible to receive only one scholarship for one course per summer. For example: Students will not be awarded a scholarship for a course in both summer term I and summer term II.

Send the following application materials to the Duke Marine Lab Enrollment Office, 135 Duke Marine Lab Rd. Beaufort NC 28516 or via email: :

  1. A brief personal statement
  2. a transcript of college grades and
  3. a letter of recommendation from a faculty member familiar with the applicant’s college work.

Deadline for applications is March 22. Successful applicants will be notified of their award status shortly after the deadline date.

Summer Terms I & II: Summer Tuition Scholarships

NEW Summer Term 2 Deadline Extension: 24 May, 2019
For additional information, contact; 252-504-7502

Duke Marine Lab Summer Tuition Scholarships are available to all Duke or non-Duke undergraduates, post baccalaureates or graduates (including foreign) enrolled in marine science summer courses. The criteria used in review of scholarship applicants are academic excellence, scope of preparation, professional goals, and need. The precondition for review of a scholarship application is enrollment in a specific summer course. Students on Duke Financial Aid should check with their financial advsior before applying for a scholarship from the Marine Lab. If you already receive financial aid for the summer, a scholarship from the Marine Lab might not provide you with an additional benefit. 

To Apply:
Please notify the Duke Marine Lab Enrollment Office if you would like to apply for a summer tuition scholarship. Students are required to submit a letter of recommendation from academic faculty and a brief personal statement, i.e., the reason for taking the particular course and demonstrate a need for the scholarship. 

You may submit your summer tuition scholarship application materials via fax, email or mail, but they must be received by 22 March.*

  • Send to:
  • Duke Marine Lab Enrollment Office, 135 Duke Marine Lab Rd, Beaufort, NC 28516
  • Fax: 252-504-7648, attention: Gwendy Womble 

*Your reference may email your recommendation letter directly to the Duke Marine Lab Enrollment Office; otherwise it must be submitted in a sealed/signed envelope.

All scholarship applicants will be notified of their award status shortly after the deadline date, 22 March.

*Students are eligible to receive only one scholarship for one course per summer. For example: Students will not be awarded a scholarship for a course in both summer term I and summer term II.