Curriculum Update: We are making changes to our Master of Environmental Management (MEM) curriculum that will impact students matriculating in Fall 2023 and beyond. For details, please visit the new MEM curriculum FAQ page.

Sara Naghavi

I chose the Nicholas School because of its interdisciplinary concentration. I’ve created a network and enjoyed an array of conferences, workshops, and lectures that have expanded my perspective and empowered my decision to utilize the influence of corporations to make environmental and social change."


Our Vision

The Business and Environment program is motivated by the strategy, economics, science and communications that drive successful implementation of private and public sustainability improvements. A unique and comprehensive range of courses across all key topic areas provides students with knowledge and skills to make scientifically informed and economically viable decisions concerning environmental practices. Students will hone their skills through coursework, practical applications and client-based consulting projects.

Students will gain:

  • An understanding of how businesses connect to each other and to consumers through supply chains, and how business behaviors impact the environment.
  • A broad perspective on the theory and drivers motivating firms to create sustainable business practices.
  • A fundamental understanding of science and technology as it relates to sustainable business practices.
  • A background in economics, policy and business strategies.
  • First-hand exposure to industry leaders and currently active sustainability programs.
  • Critical skills in data analysis and modeling.
  • An understanding of how innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship are essential in addressing pressing sustainability problems.