• Rich DiGiulio
    Interim ESP Division Chair
    Sally Kleberg Distinguished Professor of Environmental Toxicology
  • Jean-Christian Domec
    Visiting Professorin the Nicholas School of the Environment
  • Martin Doyle
    Senior Associate Dean for Academic and University Initiatives | Centers Liaison
    Professor of River Systems Science and Policy
    Professor in the Environmental Sciences and Policy Division
  • John Fay
  • Lee Ferguson
    Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Neal Flanagan
    Visiting Assistant Professor
  • James Heffernan
    Chair, Water Resources Management Program
    Assistant Professor of Ecosystem Ecology and Ecohydrology
  • David Hinton
    Nicholas Distinguished Professor of Environmental Quality
  • Gabriel Katul
    Theodore S. Coile Distinguished Professor of Hydrology and Micrometeorology
  • Wenhong Li
    Associate Professor of Climate
  • Meg Mullin
    Director of Graduate Studies, University Program in Environmental Policy
    Associate Professor of Environmental Politics
    Associate Professor of Environmental Politics in the Division of Environmental Sciences and Policy
  • Ram Oren
    Co-Chair, Master of Forestry Program
    Nicholas Distinguished Professor of Earth Systems Science
  • Curtis Richardson
    Chair, Environmental Science & Policy Division
    John O. Blackburn Distinguished Professor
  • Kateri Salk
    Visiting Assistant Professor of Water Resources
    Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy
  • Avner Vengosh
    Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences
  • Erika Weinthal
    Professor of Environmental Policy and Public Policy
    Professor of Environmental Sciences and Policy