Gary S. Dwyer

Gary S. Dwyer

Senior Research Scientist

Primary Appointment

Earth & Ocean Sciences Division

Dwyer's experience lies in the development of tracers and indicators of environmental change, and their application to modern and ancient environmental systems. Research areas include paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, carbonate sedimentology, marine geology and environmental geochemistry.

In The News


Vengosh, A, Hirschfeld, D, Vinson, D, Dwyer, G, Raanan, H, Marie, A, Zaarur, S, and Ganor, J. "Response to Comment on "High naturally occurring radioactivity in fossil groundwater from the Middle East"." Environmental Science & Technology 48, no. 16 (August 2014): 9946-9947. (Letter)
Rango, T, Vengosh, A, Dwyer, G, and Bianchini, G. "Mobilization of arsenic and other naturally occurring contaminants in groundwater of the Main Ethiopian Rift aquifers." Water Res 47, no. 15 (October 1, 2013): 5801-5818.
Cronin, TM, Dwyer, GS, Farmer, J, Bauch, HA, Spielhagen, RF, Jakobsson, M, Nilsson, J, Jr, BWM, and Stepanova, A. "Deep Arctic Ocean warming during the last glacial cycle." NATURE GEOSCIENCE 5, no. 9 (September 2012): 631-634.
Vengosh, A, Vinson, DS, Schwartz, HG, and Dwyer, GS. "Evaluating salinity sources of groundwater and implications for sustainable reverse osmosis desalination in coastal North Carolina, USA." Hydrogeology Journal 19, no. 5 (August 1, 2011): 981-994. (Academic Article)
Ruhl, L, Vengosh, A, Dwyer, GS, Hsu-Kim, H, and Deonarine, A. "Environmental impacts of the coal ash spill in Kingston, Tennessee: an 18-month survey." Environ Sci Technol 44, no. 24 (December 15, 2010): 9272-9278.


EOS 394: Research Independent Study (EOS 394: Research Independent Study)
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EOS 410S: Senior Capstone Experience (EOS 410S: Senior Capstone Experience)
EOS 791: Independent Study (EOS 791: Independent Study)
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area(s) of expertise

Marine Science Paleoclimatology

Contact Information

318 Old Chemistry
Durham, NC 27708

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