• Nicolas Cassar
    Professor of Biogeochemistry
    Professor of Biogeochemistry
  • Gary Dwyer
    Sr. Research Scientist and Instructor in Earth and Ocean Sciences
  • Alexander Glass
    Senior Lecturer
    Senior Lecturer
  • James Hench
    Director of Graduate Studies, Marine Science & Conservation
    Associate Professor of Oceanography
  • Prasad Kasibhatla
    Senior Associate Dean of Research and Doctoral Programs
    Professor of Environmental Chemistry
    Professor in the Division of Environmental Sciences and Policy
  • Michael Kipp
    Assistant Professor in the Division of Earth and Climate Science
  • Eklein.jpg
    Bass Fellow
    University Distinguished Service Professor of Earth Sciences
    University Distinguished Service Professor
  • Wenhong Li
    Associate Professor of Earth & Climate Sciences
    Associate Professor of Climate
  • Brian McAdoo head shot
    Director of Undergraduate Studies, ECS
    Associate Professor
    Associate Professor of Geosciences
  • Lincoln Pratson
    Gendell Family Professor of Energy and Environment
  • Avner Vengosh
    Chair, Earth & Climate Sciences Division
    Nicholas Chair of Environmental Quality
    Nicholas Distinguished Professor of Environmental Quality