James Brendan Heffernan

James Brendan Heffernan

Assistant Professor of Ecosystem Ecology and Ecohydrology

I am interested in major changes in ecosystem structure, particularly in streams, rivers and wetlands. My work focuses on feedbacks among ecological, physical, and biogeochemical processes, and uses a wide range of tools and approaches. I am particularly interested in projects that address both basic ecological theory and pressing environmental problems. Increasingly, we are applying tools and theories developed for local ecosystems to better understand ecological patterns and mechanisms at regional and continental scales.

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ENVIRON 823: Ecological Resilience and Ecosystem Management (ENVIRON 823: Ecological Resilience and Ecosystem Management)
ENVIRON 744: Ecology and Conservation of Streams and Rivers (ENVIRON 744: Ecology and Conservation of Streams and Rivers)
ENVIRON 391: Independent Study (ENVIRON 391: Independent Study)
ENVIRON 646: Urban Ecology (ENVIRON 646: Urban Ecology)

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Durham, NC 27708
9 Circuit Drive, Box 90328
Durham, NC 27708


Ph.D., Arizona State University (2007)