Jean- Christophe Domec

Jean- Christophe Domec

Visiting Professor

Bordeaux Sciences Agro in FRANCE (primary appointment)

Discovery of knowledge in Plant water relations, ecosystem ecology and ecohydrology, with special focus on: - Long-distance water transport under future climate; - Drought tolerance and avoidance; - Patterns of changes in structural and functional traits within individual plants. My goal as a researcher is to improve the fundamental science understanding of how plants and terrestrial ecosystems respond to climate changes, and to provide tree breeders with policy-relevant information. I have carried out research on interactions between soil water and plant water use in contrasting ecosystems, in cooperation with scientists at Bordeaux Sciences Agro in FRANCE (primary appointment), Duke University, Oregon State University, and the USDA Forest Service, Southern Global Change Program, recently renamed EFETAC (Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center).


Domec, J-C, King, JS, Ward, E, Christopher Oishi, A, Palmroth, S, Radecki, A, Bell, DM, Miao, G, Gavazzi, M, Johnson, DM, McNulty, SG, Sun, G, and Noormets, A. "Conversion of natural forests to managed forest plantations decreases tree resistance to prolonged droughts." Forest Ecology and Management 355 (November 2015): 58-71.
Tor-ngern, P, Oren, R, Ward, EJ, Palmroth, S, McCarthy, HR, and Domec, J-C. "Increases in atmospheric CO2 have little influence on transpiration of a temperate forest canopy." The New Phytologist 205, no. 2 (January 2015): 518-525.


ENVIRON 505: Functional Ecology of Trees (ENVIRON 505: Functional Ecology of Trees)
ENVIRON 894: Writing, Publishing and Reviewing Scientific Papers (ENVIRON 894: Writing, Publishing and Reviewing Scientific Papers)

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Ph.D., Oregon State University (2002)