Curriculum Update: We are making changes to our Master of Environmental Management (MEM) curriculum that will impact students matriculating in Fall 2023 and beyond. For details, please visit the new MEM curriculum FAQ page.

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After meeting several Nicholas School alumni holding reputable positions and doing groundbreaking work in the oceans space, I knew that coming to Duke was the obvious next step for me and my professional career.”


Our Vision

With an emphasis on both science and policy, the CEM program equips students to become scientifically informed professionals in fields such as coastal policy and management, research, and advocacy. The Duke University Marine Laboratory provides an ideal setting for the study of natural and social scientific phenomena in the coastal and marine environment. It also affords students ample opportunities to interact with coastal and marine constituencies and policymakers. Students enjoy a small class size, a low faculty-student ratio and access to world-class marine research facilities.

We strive to give students:

  • A scientifically rigorous understanding of coastal environments and processes at the global, national and local scales
  • A deep understanding of the human behaviors and policies interact with coastal environments and processes.
  • Opportunities to understand and assess the policymaking process
  • A range of skills in quantitative, qualitative, and analytical methods
  • The communication and teamwork skills needed to thrive in professional work environments