Curriculum Update: We are making changes to our Master of Environmental Management (MEM) curriculum that will impact students matriculating in Fall 2023 and beyond. For details, please visit the new MEM curriculum FAQ page.

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The wealth of extracurricular opportunity at Duke has been invaluable to my professional development. Running student groups, organizing conference events, and leading students on a career trip to D.C., I've been able to develop those vital soft skills while getting plugged right into the energy industry."


Our Vision

We train our students to become expert problem solvers with the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills needed to lead the transition to a more sustainable energy future. Students enjoy a small class size and low student-faculty ratio as they learn to serve as honest brokers of information, and work collaboratively with a wide range of professionals to implement practical solutions to energy and environmental concerns.

We strive to give EE students:

  • A broad perspective on the current energy system and future alternatives
  • A fundamental understanding of science and technology as they relate to energy and the environment
  • Background in the economics, policy, and business of energy
  • First-hand exposure to the energy sector and energy leaders
  • Critical skills in data analysis and modeling
  • Experience with communication, facilitation, project management and teamwork