The Nicholas School Career & Professional Development Center (CPDC) developed a Career Readiness Curriculum to prepare you in each stage of the career development process and is here to support you as you grow as an environmental professional. The CPDC provides training in each of these steps through workshops, program seminars, online resources, our weekly Career Wise e-newsletter, 1:1 coaching meetings, employer information sessions, career fairs, and networking connections. 

Ultimately, your progression and success are led by YOU—you can choose what to do, read, attend, and learn. We look forward to helping you here at the Nicholas School and beyond!

Step 1:  Be Self-Aware

Through active reflection, you can define what motivates you, and use that knowledge as a guide in your decision making. Identifying your values and the skills you have and those you need will allow you to set attainable short- and long-term goals.

  • Define Motivation & Values 
  • Identify Skills & Strengths 
  • Conduct a Gap Analysis 
  • Set Goals

Step 2:  Explore Your Options

To test and refine your career interests, you can engage in career exploration by conducting career research; pursuing informational meetings; seeking internships, client projects, and research opportunities; and attending information sessions and student group events.

  • Explore Sectors & Careers 
  • Use CareerLink 
  • Attend Internship Panels
  • Attend Internship Funding Workshops 
  • Request Informational Meetings 
  • Analyze Position Descriptions 
  • Strategize Your Internship/Job Search
  • Connect with Employers & Alumni 
  • Navigate the Job Search for International Students 

Step 3:  Tell Your Story

Developing a compelling narrative about who you are, the skills and experience you’re building, and where you want your next steps to go is a strong tool in communicating what you have to offer.

  • Create Your NSOE Student Online Profile 
  • Build Your LinkedIn Summary & Profile  
  • Develop/Revise Your Elevator Pitch
  • Refine Your Resume & Submit it for Review
  • Craft Cover Letters 
  • Audit Your Social Media 
  • Acquire Interviewing Skills 

Step 4:  Advance Your Career

Your professional career is not a single destination but a journey that requires active, ongoing engagement and robust communication skills to move forward and grow. Gain skills and use your strengths to succeed throughout your career.

  • Apply for Funding Opportunities
  • Make the Most of Your Internship
  • Develop Your Networking Abilities 
  • Communicate as a Professional
  • Engage in Self-Advocacy 
  • Negotiate Salary & Manage Multiple Offers 
  • Transition from Student to Professional