Durham, N.C. – Fifteen Duke University undergraduate students have been selected as members of the Rachel Carson Scholars Program, which aims to train the next generation of marine conservation leaders.

Named in honor of world-renowned marine biologist, author and conservationist Rachel Carson, the program provides students with direct research experience in marine science and conservation. 

Rachel Carson Scholars are trained through small seminar experiences, experiential learning, enhanced faculty-student mentorship, and professional development. They also earn experience designing and carrying out independent research.

All Scholars spend at least one semester at the Duke University Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, N.C., and can apply for up to $5,500 to support research, travel courses, and travel to professional conferences. During spring semester of their senior year, Scholars write up their research findings as a Graduation with Distinction honors thesis. Many also submit their research for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The new Scholars are:

  • Chloe Beittel – senior marine science & conservation major
  • Caspar Dicke – first-year biology, marine science & conservation major
  • Cat Gamard – junior biology major
  • Samantha George – sophomore environmental sciences & policy major
  • Molly Honecker– junior marine science & conservation major
  • Ariane Lemaire – sophomore environmental sciences & policy major
  • Kira Lichtenfeld – sophomore environmental sciences & policy major
  • Porter Porter – junior environmental sciences & policy, international comparative studies double major
  • Maya Reilly – sophomore biology, marine science & conservation double major
  • Dhruv  Rungta – sophomore economics, ecology and sustainable development double major
  • Emma Sardy – junior biology major
  • Naomi Scott – first-year marine science & conservation major
  • Ari Solomon – junior marine science & conservation major
  • Thomas Tan – sophomore marine science & conservation, environmental sciences & policy double major
  • Luca Tjossem – junior economics, biology double major