More than 160 alums have graduated from the Duke Environmental Leadership Master of Environmental Management (DEL-MEM) program since it began nearly 15 years ago.

The program allows mid-career professionals to advance their careers through environmental management and leadership training while also learning from peers with diverse backgrounds and from across environmental sectors.

The cohort-based approach—and the lasting professional relationships built along the way—has proven invaluable to many alums.

“To say that was critical would be an understatement,” said Trevor Hughes DEL-MEM’19. “It was a privilege to learn from and interact with not just my cohort, but also the cohort before and after.

“The value of that cohort has transcended the DEL-MEM program, and it’s something I still value greatly,” he said.

DEL-MEM students get to know each other through interactive online courses and in-person sessions, in addition to going through the program’s challenging curriculum—which incorporates real-life case studies and leadership development—together.

Duke Environment Magazine highlights five alumni whose experience in the DEL-MEM program is allowing them to have an impact: