Emma Shuppert, a Marine Science and Conservation (MARSCI) major, recently shared insights into why she chose to major in MARSCI, what she has learned, her favorite experience and advice for students considering the major or Marine Science and Conservation coursework. 

Why did you choose to major in Marine science and conservation?

"I chose to pursue the Marine Science and Conservation major at Duke because I have always been interested in the oceans and how to conserve them. Additionally, this major has allowed me to gain a better understanding of ocean policy, biology and ecology."

What have you learned from the major and its courses?

"The major has allowed me to be introduced to high-level professors that are experienced researchers in marine policy, conservation and biology. From learning about wicked problems to which species are in each phylum to how to solve global marine issues, I have gained many skills that will be applicable after graduation."

Shuppert aboard R/V Shearwater holding net and sample

Shuppert participating in research aboard R/V Shearwater

What's been your favorite experience as a Marine Science and Conservation major?

"My favorite experience as a Marine Science & Conservation student was completing a research independent study at the Duke Marine Lab.

This experience allowed me to form close connections with other students and professors while also allowing me to explore my interests in sea turtle conservation and plastic pollution."

What advice would you give a student considering majoring in Marine Science and Conservation?

"I would advise students considering the Marine Science & Conservation major to go study at the marine lab! The marine lab allows you to explore many different specific topics related to marine science, environmental science and biology. So many of the classes are taught by amazing faculty and will allow you to learn more about your own interests."