DURHAM, N.C. – Six Duke University undergraduates have been selected to participate in the university’s Repass-Rodgers Scholars Program.

The Repass-Rodgers program provides students with advanced training and direct research experience in marine conservation technology to help them acquire the specialized skills needed to become environmental leaders working at the nexus of marine science and ocean engineering.

Student accepted into the program as scholars benefit from small seminar sizes, intensive faculty mentoring, and hands-on experience working alongside faculty and graduate students in the laboratory and the field to develop new marine conservation technology.

Scholars spend at least one semester or summer term at the Duke University Marine Laboratory campus in Beaufort, N.C., and can apply for up to $5,500 in funding to support technology development, travel to professional conferences and travel courses, or for registration for virtual conferences if travel is not possible due to COVID.

During spring semester of their senior year, scholars write up their research findings as a Graduation with Distinction honors thesis. Many also submit their research for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The six new scholars are:

  • Morgan Bedingfied, a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Engineering  
  • Max Collins, a first-year majoring in Biology with a Marine Biology concentration, and who intends to also major in Computer Science
  • Robbie Collins, a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering
  • Keena Gao, a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering
  • Julia Kagiliery, a first-year majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Earth & Climate Sciences 
  • Johnson Li, a sophomore majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering