Dika Kuoh

Dika Kuoh

Deputy Branch Chief, Georgia Environmental Protection Division – Air Protection Branch


Dika is currently serving as the Deputy Chief of the Air Protection Branch of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD).  He began his career with Georgia EPD ten years ago as a compliance engineer inspecting industrial sites in Georgia.  He later managed a permitting group that delivers permits to regulated entities in the electric power, energy, and solid waste sectors.

Before joining EPD, Dika worked as an environmental consultant providing environmental and regulatory compliance assistance to large industrial clients.

He is a certified Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Green Belt and has worked on LSS projects in both the Land and Watershed Protection Branches of Georgia EPD.

Dika has a BS from McGill University in Canada, a Bio-Engineering degree from Gembloux Agro-Bio-Tech in Belgium, an Master in Environmental Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston and a DEL-MEM degree from Duke University’s Nicholas School.

"Working on the front lines implementing environmental policy, I’m reminded daily that solving our biggest environmental challenges requires a collaborative effort with the stakeholders: environmental advocacy groups, industry, local communities, academic institutes, environmental consulting firms and law firms, and political representatives. The DEL-MEM program understands the importance of a multisector and multidisciplinary approach to solving our most pressing environmental challenges. Being in a classroom with a group of students that reflected the diversity of the stakeholders I interact with today was an invaluable experience. I learned the value of dialogue; I refined my understanding of the obstacles and drivers of change, and left the program with a greater appreciation for the work of my agency. I am a much better advocate for my state regulatory agency today than I would have been had I not completed the DEL-MEM program."

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