Trevor Nace

Trevor Nace

Geologist/Entrepreneur, Founder of Science Trends


Trevor Nace graduated in 2012 with a PhD in Geology and an enthusiasm to practice and communicate geology. After 5 years working for Shell in Houston, Trevor began his journey as an entrepreneur.

In leaving Shell, Trevor founded Science Trends, a platform for experts in their field to communicate their extensive knowledge to the general public without having to go through the onerous journal submission process. He was frustrated that many of his colleagues with advanced knowledge in their field didn’t have a way to voice their opinion on a new science policy, scientific paper, common misunderstanding, or woefully inadequate news coverage.

Trevor is also a regular Forbes contributor on geology, climate change, and natural disasters. He has appeared on The Weather Channel, among other news outlets, to discuss geology.

“Duke University and the Nicholas School of the Environment have given me so many things beyond an education. Through a close-knit community, I was able to learn the importance of collaboration, the necessity of compromise, and need to constantly challenge myself. I learned to solve previously unknown problems and when an 80/20 solution was necessary. My degree has helped me technically in my career, but just as important, the life lessons I learned while in school has helped me be a better person. And to that, I thank the Nicholas School of the Environment.”

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