Nicolette Cagle

Nicolette Cagle


I am a dedicated ecologist and environmental educator with a passion for writing. I work as a Lecturer in the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University  where I teach courses emphasizing natural history and environmental education & communication. I am also the Director of the Environmental Science Summer Program at Duke and Director of the NSOE Communications Studio.

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Cagle, N. "Point of View: Science Classrooms as a Gateway to Comprehensive Pedagogy ." Journal of College Science Teaching 046, no. 03 (2017).

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ENVIRON 731: Dendrology (ENVIRON 731: Dendrology)
ENVIRON 907: DEL: Writing for Environmental Professionals (ENVIRON 907: DEL: Writing for Environmental Professionals)
ENVIRON 701: Forest Measurements (ENVIRON 701: Forest Measurements)
ENVIRON 593: Independent Studies and Projects (ENVIRON 593: Independent Studies and Projects)
HOUSECS 59: House Course (HOUSECS 59: House Course)

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Ph.D., Duke University (2008)