Jennifer J. Swenson

Jennifer J. Swenson

Associate Professor of the Practice of Geospatial Analysis

ESC Program Chair

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SCHAFFER-SMITH, DANICA, SWENSON, JENNIFERJ, and BÓVEDA-PENALBA, ANTONIOJ. "Rapid conservation assessment for endangered species using habitat connectivity models." Environmental Conservation (2016): 1-10.
Schwantes, AM, Swenson, JJ, and Jackson, RB. "Quantifying drought-induced tree mortality in the open canopy woodlands of central Texas." Remote Sensing of Environment 181 (2016): 54-64.
González-Roglich, M, and Swenson, JJ. "Tree cover and carbon mapping of Argentine savannas: Scaling from field to region." Remote Sensing of Environment 172 (January 2016): 139-147.
González-Roglich, M, Swenson, JJ, Villarreal, D, Jobbágy, EG, and Jackson, RB. "Woody Plant-Cover Dynamics in Argentine Savannas from the 1880s to 2000s: The Interplay of Encroachment and Agriculture Conversion at Varying Scales." Ecosystems 18, no. 3 (April 2015): 481-492.
McDowell, NG, Coops, NC, Beck, PSA, Chambers, JQ, Gangodagamage, C, Hicke, JA, Huang, C-Y, Kennedy, R, Krofcheck, DJ, Litvak, M, Meddens, AJH, Muss, J, Negrón-Juarez, R, Peng, C, Schwantes, AM, Swenson, JJ, Vernon, LJ, Williams, AP, Xu, C, Zhao, M, Running, SW, and Allen, CD. "Global satellite monitoring of climate-induced vegetation disturbances." Trends in plant science 20, no. 2 (February 2015): 114-123.


ENVIRON 707: Geospatial Analysis for the Human Environmental Condition (ENVIRON 707: Geospatial Analysis for the Human Environmental Condition)
ENVIRON 760A: Western Field Trip (ENVIRON 760A: Western Field Trip)
ENVIRON 857L: Remote Sensing for Environmental Analysis (ENVIRON 857L: Remote Sensing for Environmental Analysis)
ENVIRON 720S: Land Conservation in Practice (ENVIRON 720S: Land Conservation in Practice)
ENVIRON 761: Geospatial Analysis for Conservation Management (ENVIRON 761: Geospatial Analysis for Conservation Management)

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