Mark R. Wiesner

Mark R. Wiesner

James L. Meriam Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Primary Appointment

School of Engineering

Wiesner's research interests include membrane processes, nanostructured materials, transport and fate of nanomaterials in the environment, colloidal and interfacial processes, and environmental systems analysis.

In The News


Li, L, Tian, Y, Zhang, J, Sun, L, Zuo, W, Li, H, Huang, D, Zhan, W, and Wiesner, MR. "Enhanced denitrifying phosphorus removal and mass balance in a worm reactor(Accepted)." Chemosphere 226 (July 1, 2019): 883-890.
Li, L, Zhang, J, Tian, Y, Sun, L, Zuo, W, Li, H, Li, A, and Wiesner, MR. "A novel approach for fouling mitigation in anaerobic-anoxic-oxic membrane bioreactor (A2O-MBR) by integrating worm predation." Environment International 127 (April 12, 2019): 615-624.
Geitner, NK, Bossa, N, and Wiesner, MR. "Formulation and Validation of a Functional Assay-Driven Model of Nanoparticle Aquatic Transport." Environmental Science & Technology 53, no. 6 (March 5, 2019): 3104-3109.
Tayefeh, A, Poursalehi, R, Wiesner, M, and Mousavi, SA. "XPS study of size effects of Fe3O4 nanoparticles on crosslinking degree of magnetic TFN membrane." Polymer Testing 73 (February 1, 2019): 232-241.
Auffan, M, Masion, A, Mouneyrac, C, de Garidel-Thoron, C, Hendren, CO, Thiery, A, Santaella, C, Giamberini, L, Bottero, JY, Wiesner, MR, and Rose, J. "Contribution of mesocosm testing to a single-step and exposure-driven environmental risk assessment of engineered nanomaterials." Nanoimpact 13 (January 1, 2019): 66-69.

Recent Grants


CEE 560: Environmental Transport Phenomena (CEE 560: Environmental Transport Phenomena)
MENG 551: Master of Engineering Internship/Project Assessment (MENG 551: Master of Engineering Internship/Project Assessment)
ENVIRON 899: Master's Project (ENVIRON 899: Master's Project)
CEE 564: Physical Chemical Processes in Environmental Engineering (CEE 564: Physical Chemical Processes in Environmental Engineering)
MENG 550: Master of Engineering Internship/Project (MENG 550: Master of Engineering Internship/Project)

Contact Information

120 Hudson Hall
Durham, NC 27708-0287
Box 90287
Durham, NC 27708-0287


Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University (1985)
M.S., University of Iowa (1980)
B.A., Coe College (1978)