Norman Wirzba

Norman Wirzba

Professor of Theology, Ecology, and Rural Life

Primary Appointment

School of Divinity

Norman Wirzba pursues research and teaching interests at the intersections of theology, philosophy, ecology, and agrarian and environmental studies. He lectures frequently in Canada and the United States. His work focuses on understanding and promoting practices that can equip both rural and urban church communities to be more faithful and responsible members of creation. Current research is centered on a recovery of the doctrine of creation and a restatement of humanity in terms of its creaturely life.

Professor Wirzba has published The Paradise of God: Renewing Religion in an Ecological Age and Living the Sabbath: Discovering the Rhythms of Rest and Delight. His most recent books are Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating and (with Fred Bahnson) Making Peace with the Land: God’s Call to Reconcile with Creation. He also has edited several books, including The Essential Agrarian Reader: The Future of Culture, Community, and the Land and The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays of Wendell Berry.

Professor Wirzba serves as general editor for the book series Culture of the Land: A Series in the New Agrarianism, published by the University Press of Kentucky, and is co-founder and executive committee member of the Society for Continental Philosophy and Theology.

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ENVIRON 593: Independent Studies and Projects (ENVIRON 593: Independent Studies and Projects)
PARISH 760: Food, Eating, and the Life of Faith (PARISH 760: Food, Eating, and the Life of Faith)
ENVIRON 590: Special Topics (ENVIRON 590: Special Topics)
PARISH 806: Caring for Creation (PARISH 806: Caring for Creation)

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Environmental Policy

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407 Chapel Drive, 211B Gray Building
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Duke Box 90967
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Ph.D., Loyola University at Chicago (1994)
M.A., Loyola University at Chicago (1991)
M.A., Yale University (1988)