Jonathan Choi

Jonathan Choi


Estes, L, McRitchie, D, Choi, J, Debats, S, Evans, T, Guthe, W, Luo, D, Ragazzo, G, Zempleni, R, and Caylor, K. "A platform for crowdsourcing the creation of representative, accurate landcover maps." Environmental Modelling & Software 80 (June 2016): 41-53.

Treuer, TLH, Choi, JJ, Janzen, DH, Hallwachs, W, Peréz-Aviles, D, Dobson, AP, Powers, JS, Shanks, LC, Werden, LK, and Wilcove, DS. "Low-cost agricultural waste accelerates tropical forest regeneration (Published online)." Restoration Ecology.

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