Doctoral Degrees in Earth and Ocean Sciences (EOS)


Earth and Ocean Science (EOS) at the Nicholas School offers a PhD in three broad research areas of geoscience: biogeosciences, oceans and climate, and earth resources.

  • Biogeosciences focus on the interactions between life, water, and landscapes including coastal ecomorphodynamics and remote sensing, watershed ecohydrology, and landscape evolution including that of coupled human-landscape systems.
  • Oceans and climate includes ocean circulation, atmospheric dynamics, paleoclimatic/paleoenvironment reconstruction, marine biogeochemistry, and ocean/atmosphere interactions, particularly as they relate to global climate change.
  • Earth resources address the geologic formation and human use of mineral, energy, water, and land resources including mineral formation, life-cycle analysis, energy consumption/emissions, water quality as it relates to human health, and the role of technology in the Anthropocene.

The EOS PhD program has minimal formal coursework requirement, in additional to individual needs and preferences determined by student and advisor.

How to Apply: