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A premier interdisciplinary environmental education requires investment.

The total cost of a two-year Master of Environmental Management (M.E.M.) or Master of Forestry (M.F.) degree at Duke is nearly $125,000, including tuition, fees and living expenses. The Nicholas School is committed to making it’s degree programs as affordable as possible, and this requires financial aid.

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We admit applicants based on their merits, regardless of their ability to pay for the program, but we are not yet in a position to meet all students’ entire demonstrated need. Currently, financial aid is provided by scholarship endowments, the Nicholas School Annual Fund, other school resources, Duke University, and government programs provides admitted students with an average total two-year aid package of approximately $30,500. 

As a result, prospective students often face a difficult decision: borrow heavily to cover the difference, or examine other educational options. Those who do choose the Nicholas School, graduate with an unparalleled education, but with an average debt of around $55,000.

Closing this gap will take significant resources. That’s where you come in.

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The Nicholas School Financial Aid Initiative is a $25 million fundraising effort to increase the total amount of private tuition support awarded to Nicholas students. Building a more robust pool of financial aid resources will enable the Nicholas School to close the gap between the cost of the school’s degree programs and students’ own financial resources. This is essential to keep the school within reach of today’s brightest and most talented students, and to give our passionate young alumni the freedom to pursue environmental careers where they can make the greatest impact.

With your support, we will increase the number of students who receive scholarship awards, as well as the size of the individual awards, enabling the school to recruit the most outstanding candidates and reduce student debt upon graduation.