Alumni Engagement

That’s the three-fold mission of the Nicholas School’s Alumni Engagement program: to provide valuable, meaningful opportunities for our School’s 5,000+ graduates throughout the world to:
  • Go to events and activities and connect with your fellow alumni;
  • Grow your connection to the Nicholas School and today’s amazing students and faculty through volunteering time and expertise; and
  • Give back to the Nicholas community by contributing your philanthropic support.



The Nicholas School hosts dozens of events, both stateside and internationally, to bring together alumni of different ages and career stages to connect professionally and personally. In addition to our annual alumni reunion on campus, regional groups and networking socials offer great ways to connect. The best way to get connected and hear about events is to make sure you are connected through the Duke Alumni Network (DAA) and activate your Duke OneLink account today. 



There are many ways for Nicholas alumni to stay connected to the school. Sharing your wisdom and experience with today’s Nicholas students and alumni is a particularly valuable way for you to get involved and help prepare those following in your footsteps for professional leadership. Whether addressing a Nicholas class as a guest speaker, providing career advice to current students, or hosting an event in your community, you are sure to get as much, or more, out of the experience as the people you meet. Check out the box below for ideas on how you can help the Nicholas School grow!

There are many ways you can get involved. Which will you choose?

Academic Involvement

  • Host a class field trip
  • Serve as a guest speaker/panelist
  • Serve as a Masters Project client/class advisor
  • Teach/lead/promote executive education courses
Recruitment and Outreach
  • Assist with prospective student recruitment
  • Assist with new student outreach
Career Development
  • Share career advise with students or alumni
  • Represent your employer at a career fair
  • Host a student tour of your workplace
  • Share internship/job opportunities
Alumni Relations


To get involved, look for opportunities distributed through our alumni e-newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter in the box on the right side of this page.


From providing unrestricted support through the Nicholas School Annual Fund, to gifts to the Financial Aid Initiative, Student Enrichment Fund, or a professorship or program endowment, alumni giving is essential to help ensure the same level of educational opportunities that you found so valuable at Duke. Not sure where to direct your support? Check our friends page for more ideas and information on how your gift will make an impact today! 



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