Beaufort, NC Fishermen With Their Catch | 1910


Coastal communities across the United States are experiencing extensive and rapid changes in their economies, communities, and cultural identities. In this story map, we describe these changes in one community, the town of Beaufort, North Carolina.

Over time, Beaufort has transitioned from a community dependent on commercial fishing to one increasingly reliant on tourism and recreation. Using historical maps, government planning documents, and newspaper archives, we trace this transition through time to inform and illustrate this story.

Although this story map is about Beaufort, it is likely a familiar one for many coastal communities. Our hope is that the story map can help people living in coastal communities make sense of changes happening to their spaces.


Story Map Sections

  • Beaufort Then & Now
  • Fisheries in Beaufort
  • Tourism in Beaufort
  • Dimensions of Coastal Gentrification
  • Making Sense of Change

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    Created by Lauren A. Mariolis, MEM'20 and Catherine M.A. Morse, MEM'20 as part of their capstone master's project in the Coastal Environmental Management program

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