Marco Marani

Marco Marani

Professor of Eco-hydrology

Primary Appointment

Earth & Ocean Sciences Division

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Jianping, B, Pengxin, D, Xiang, Z, Sunyun, L, Marani, M, and Yi, X. "Flood coincidence analysis of Poyang Lake and Yangtze River: risk and influencing factors (Accepted)." Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment (January 16, 2018): 1-13.
D’Alpaos, A, Ghinassi, M, Finotello, A, Brivio, L, Bellucci, LG, and Marani, M. "Tidal meander migration and dynamics: A case study from the Venice Lagoon." Marine and Petroleum Geology 87 (November 2017): 80-90.
Manoli, G, Huang, C-W, Bonetti, S, Domec, J-C, Marani, M, and Katul, G. "Competition for light and water in a coupled soil-plant system." Advances in Water Resources 108 (October 2017): 216-230.
Yousefi Lalimi, F, Silvestri, S, Moore, LJ, and Marani, M. "Coupled topographic and vegetation patterns in coastal dunes: Remote sensing observations and ecomorphodynamic implications." Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 122, no. 1 (January 2017): 119-130.
Manoli, G, Katul, GG, and Marani, M. "Delay-induced rebounds in CO 2 emissions and critical time-scales to meet global warming targets." Earth's Future 4, no. 12 (December 2016): 636-643.

Recent Grants


ENVIRON 593: Independent Studies and Projects (ENVIRON 593: Independent Studies and Projects)
ENVIRON 899: Master's Project (ENVIRON 899: Master's Project)
EOS 710S: Bio-geomorphology: The Biophysical Processes Shaping the Earth's Surface (EOS 710S: Bio-geomorphology: The Biophysical Processes Shaping the Earth's Surface)
EOS 791: Independent Study (EOS 791: Independent Study)
EOS 393: Research Independent Study (EOS 393: Research Independent Study)


Ph.D., University of Padua (Italy) (1997)