I am on sabbatical at the Marine Lab for fall semester 2009. I am working on a research project with Dr. Jim Welch (also of Wittenberg) and Dr. Richard Forward that looks at selective settlement of larvae of three species of fiddler crabs in the Newport River Estuary. We use molecular techniques to identify field-caught larvae to species, in order to answer questions of how the three species become separated in their adult habitats.

In my 'regular' life, I am a faculty member in the Biology Department at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, where I am currently the director of the Marine Science Program. I travel to the Marine Lab each semester with class field trips from Wittenberg and teach Bio 10L with Dr. Jim Welch at the Marine Lab during alternate summers. My other research interests include foraging ecology of invertebrates and feeding sensitivities of crustaceans.

School Division

Marine Science & Conservation


  • Ph.D., Duke University (1995)