James F. Reynolds

James F. Reynolds

Professor of Environmental Sciences and Biology

Integrated assessment of complex human-environmental systems; Land degradation and desertification in global drylands; Conceptual frameworks and models to advance the science of dryland development


Ye, J-S, Reynolds, JF, Maestre, FT, and Li, F-M. "Hydrological and ecological responses of ecosystems to extreme precipitation regimes: A test of empirical-based hypotheses with an ecosystem model." Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 22 (October 2016): 36-46.
Abbott, BW, Jones, JB, Schuur, EAG, Chapin III, FS, Bowden, WB, Bret-Harte, MS, Epstein, HE, Flannigan, MD, Harms, TK, Hollingsworth, TN, Mack, MC, McGuire, AD, Natali, SM, Rocha, AV, Tank, SE, Turetsky, MR, Vonk, JE, Wickland, KP, Aiken, GR, Alexander, HD, Amon, RMW, Benscoter, BW, Bergeron, Y, Bishop, K, Blarquez, O, Ben Bond-Lamberty, , Breen, AL, Buffam, I, Cai, Y, Carcaillet, C, Carey, SK, Chen, JM, Chen, HYH, Christensen, TR, Cooper, LW, Cornelissen, JHC, de Groot, WJ, and DeLuca, TH et al. "Biomass offsets little or none of permafrost carbon release from soils, streams, and wildfire: an expert assessment." Environmental Research Letters 11, no. 3 (March 1, 2016): 034014-034014.
Marchesini, VA, Fernández, RJ, Reynolds, JF, Sobrino, JA, and Di Bella, CM. "Changes in evapotranspiration and phenology as consequences of shrub removal in dry forests of central Argentina." Ecohydrology 8, no. 7 (October 2015): 1304-1311.
Chillo, V, Ojeda, RA, Anand, M, and Reynolds, JF. "A novel approach to assess livestock management effects on biodiversity of drylands." Ecological Indicators 50 (March 2015): 69-78.
García-Palacios, P, Maestre, FT, Bradford, MA, and Reynolds, JF. "Earthworms modify plant biomass and nitrogen capture under conditions of soil nutrient heterogeneity and elevated atmospheric CO 2 concentrations." Soil Biology and Biochemistry 78 (November 2014): 182-188.

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ENVIRON 390K: Special Topics in Environmental Sciences and Policy (ENVIRON 390K: Special Topics in Environmental Sciences and Policy)

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Desertification Global Change Ecology

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Ph.D., New Mexico State University (1974)