Christopher D. Timmins

Christopher D. Timmins

Professor of Economics

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Economics Department

Christopher D. Timmins is a Professor in the Department of Economics at Duke University, with a secondary appointment in Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment. He holds a BSFS degree from Georgetown University and a PhD in Economics from Stanford University. Professor Timmins was an Assistant Professor in the Yale Department of Economics before joining the faculty at Duke in 2004. His professional activities include teaching, research, and editorial responsibilities. Professor Timmins specializes in natural resource and environmental economics, but he also has interests in industrial organization, development, public and regional economics. He works on developing new methods for non-market valuation of local public goods and amenities, with a particular focus on hedonic techniques and models of residential sorting. His recent research has focused on measuring the costs associated with exposure to poor air quality, the benefits associated with remediating brownfields and toxic waste under the Superfund program, the valuation of non-marginal changes in disamenities, and the causes and consequences of "environmental injustice".

Professor Timmins is a research associate in the Environmental and Energy Economics group at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and has served as a reviewer for numerous environmental, urban, and applied microeconomics journals. He served as a co-editor of the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management until 2014, and now serves as an editor of the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.


Freeman, R., W. Liang, R. Song, and C. Timmins. “Willingness to pay for clean air in China.” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 94 (March 1, 2019): 188–216.
Banzhaf, Spencer, Lala Ma, and Christopher Timmins. “Environmental Justice: the Economics of Race, Place, and Pollution..” The Journal of Economic Perspectives : A Journal of the American Economic Association 33, no. 1 (January 2019): 185–208.
Bishop, K. C., and C. Timmins. “Estimating the marginal willingness to pay function without instrumental variables.” Journal of Urban Economics 109 (January 1, 2019): 66–83.
Bishop, K. C., and C. Timmins. “Using panel data to easily estimate hedonic demand functions.” Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 5, no. 3 (July 1, 2018): 517–43.
Bayer, P., R. McMillan, A. Murphy, and C. Timmins. “A Dynamic Model of Demand for Houses and Neighborhoods.” Econometrica 84, no. 3 (May 1, 2016): 893–942.

Recent Grants


ECON 951S: Applied Microeconomics Research (ECON 951S: Applied Microeconomics Research)
ECON 394: Research Independent Study (ECON 394: Research Independent Study)
ECON 901: Applied Microeconomics Workshop (ECON 901: Applied Microeconomics Workshop)
ECON 821: Non-Market Valuation (ECON 821: Non-Market Valuation)
ECON 621: Non-Market Valuation (ECON 621: Non-Market Valuation)

area(s) of expertise

Environmental Economics

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209 Social Sciences Bldg, Box 90097
Durham, NC 27708
Box 90097
Durham, NC 27708-0097


Ph.D., Stanford University (1997)
B.S., Georgetown University (1991)