Courses taken after matriculation to satisfy prerequisites do not count towards the credits required for the degree.

Before you enroll in a prerequisite course, please read the following important details:

  • May be taken at any accredited college or university, including community, technical, and junior colleges. However, only courses taken at Duke University and through Inter-Institutional agreement are included in the cost of the student’s full-time tuition.
  • Must be taken for college credit. Non-credit courses are not acceptable; this includes courses offered through Coursera and Opencourseware.
  • Students must earn a minimum grade of B-. No exceptions.
  • The pass/fail grading basis is not acceptable.
  • Students may take a traditional-style online course (e.g. a distance learning course with regularly scheduled class meetings).
  • Students should not take a correspondence, independent study or self-paced course unless special consent or prior approval granted by the Student Services office.
  • Course must be semester long in length (most intensive summer sessions are sufficient).
  • The student must send an official transcript upon completion
  • Macroeconomics courses will not be accepted to fulfill the microeconomics prerequisite requirement.


If desired, students may send a copy of the syllabus or detailed course description for review and approval before they enroll and pay for prerequisite courses. While this step is not required, we encourage students to be sure that the course covers the required topics. Students are welcomed and encouraged to send the course syllabus to Allow up to 3-5 business days for the review process to be completed and to receive a response via email.

View Presentation: 'Prerequisite Requirements: What You Need to Know'

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