Nicholas School Service Volunteer Scholarship

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The Nicholas School values the diversity of experiences from our students who have served as volunteers in AmeriCorps, City Year, Peace Corps, and Teach for America. Students who are admitted into the MEM, MF, and DEL-MEM programs are guaranteed a tuition fellowship of $7,000 per academic year (for up to two years; students in dual degree programs will receive one and one-half academic years' worth of the scholarship) provided they have completed their service before the start of the fall term.

These fellowships are the minimum students will receive. All applicants from partner programs will also receive full consideration for additional, merit-based tuition assistance based on the strength of their application, as well as need-based aid (see application requirements for need-based aid here).

Eligible service volunteers are also eligible for an application fee waiver, upon request. Please contact for more information.

To be eligible for the Nicholas School Service Volunteer scholarship, volunteers need to have completed their service satisfactorily prior to the start of their first term of enrollment. Satisfactory completion means:

  • Peace Corps Eligibility:
    • You have completed the full two-year (or more) tour of Peace Corps service or the full tour minus up to 90 days if you returned home on emergency leave;
    • You were granted an “Early Close of Service (COS)” or an “Interrupted Service” due to circumstances beyond your control; or
    • You were medically separated.
  • AmeriCorps/City Year/Teach for America Eligibility:
    • You have completed the full 12 months (or more) of service;
    • You were granted a “National Service Trust Early Exit” due to circumstances beyond your control; or
    • You were medically separated.

If you are eligible to be considered for this award, please:

  • Indicate your Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, or Teach for America service dates, country, and description of service on your resume (component of MEM, MF and online DEL-MEM application).
    • Peace Corps:
      • Send a copy of your Description of Service (DOS) directly to If you have not received the DOS, you should submit it no later than 14 business days after it is available.
    • AmeriCorps, City Year, Teach for America:
      • Send a one-page document directly to including information about your project’s host organization/sponsor, the work that organization performs and, most importantly, the type of work that you performed during your service term.

Questions? Please contact