Master Of Forestry


Forests are managed for a broad variety of goods and services, in an increasingly complicated context of changing climate, land use pressures, global markets, and conflicting cultural values. Our aim is to train foresters to work effectively on the emerging frontiers in forest management, with a skillset grounded in practical field skills and augmented by cutting-edge tools for geospatial analysis, multi-resource assessment, and finance.


As accredited by the Society of American Foresters (SAF,, the curriculum for the MF includes coursework toward five core competencies:  forest ecology and biology, measurement of forest resources, forest management, forest policy and administration, and professional ethics. Within these categories, students customize their course selections to emphasize particular resources (e.g., forest hydrology, wildlife) or analytic approaches (e.g., geospatial analysis, finance). Field trips are an essential element of the curriculum, especially featuring the Duke Forest adjacent to campus. 

Your Future

Students graduating with the MF degree work in a variety of sectors:  private/industrial forestry, state and federal agencies, nonprofits such as land trusts that steward working forests, and in private consulting.  Joint-degree students who complement the MF with a MEM degree are especially competitive in the job market. 


Participating Faculty

Nicolette Cagle
Patrick N. Halpin
Associate Professor of Marine Geospatial Ecology
CEM Program Chair
(919) 613-8062
Lynn A. Maguire
Professor of the Practice of Environmental Decision Analysis
(919) 613-8034
Ram Oren
Nicholas Professor of Earth System Science
MF Program Co-Chair
(919) 613-8032
Sari Palmroth
Associate Research Professor
(919) 613-8089
Subhrendu K. Pattanayak
Professor of Public Policy and Environmental Economics
(919) 613-9306
John Randolph Poulsen
Assistant Professor of Tropical Ecology
(919) 668-4060
Daniel D. Richter
Professor of Soils and Forest Ecology
(919) 613-8031
Jennifer J. Swenson
Associate Professor of the Practice of Geospatial Analysis
Director of Professional Studies
(919) 668-0606
Dean L. Urban
Professor of Landscape Ecology
ESC Program Chair
(919) 684-6999
Rebecca L. Vidra
Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), ENV
(919) 613-8199
Jeffrey Vincent
Clarence F. Korstian Professor of Forest Economics and Management
Division Chair | MF Program Co-Chair
(919) 613-8025